Career Opportunities

In a world where English has become the language of international business, the acquisition and development of English language skills at a high standard make graduates employable in:

  • A wide range of national and international organizations where text-creating and oral communication in English is needed.
  • In the field of writing, editing and publishing in the media (journals, magazines, and newspapers) and other industries and workplaces.
  • In the field of teaching English at schools and language institutes.

More specifically, the acquisition and development of English language skills make Applied Linguistics graduates employable in the following professions:

Business Occupations and Public Relations Specialists

Applied Linguistics major skills are useful in numerous business professions that require strong writing skills and analytical abilities. English majors write, edit and perform administrative tasks and develop marketing materials, among other duties. Public relations, marketing, advertising and promotions attract many English majors due to the centrality of writing and creativity in these business fields.

Writers and Editors

Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics can find jobs as writers and editors who develop material for publications, newsletters and journals, as well as magazines and newspapers. Editors review and edit writing for clarity, grammar, content and style.


The increased number of English language learners in KSA creates a need for well-trained teachers of English as a Foreign Language. With a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics, students may pursue a job as elementary teachers or middle or high school language teachers.