About College of Humanities (CH)

The College of Humanities offers undergraduate programs: Applied Linguistics and Translation. The duration of each program is four years. The development of these programs is based on the needs of the local community and the interdisciplinary nature of academic subjects. The choices of programs and specialized concentrations can help students to communicate with other cultures to keep abreast with the fast pace and challenges of the information age.

Dean’s Message

The College of Humanities at Prince Sultan University is delighted to welcome you through its doors whether you are a new or returning student, faculty or staff member, parent of a prospective student, or visitor. The College of Humanities is home to two departments. The Department of Linguistics offers a BA in Applied Linguistics, while the English and Translation Department offers a BA in Translation. The Applied Linguistics program gives students the option to select a concentration in one of its two tracks: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or English Language for Professionals. Moreover, the College of Humanities houses an indispensable unit, namely the English Courses Unit that offers English language courses to all PSU students. The college’s faculty members’ extensive academic expertise and diverse research backgrounds not only enrich students’ learning experience but also encourage intellectual curiosity and language exploration. The programs are designed in a way to ensure that students are given the opportunity to view language through a number of lenses (i.e. from a social, psychological, and pedagogical perspective), learn about the many different settings language can be utilized, how it can be used as a vital tool to communicate, bridge gaps between speakers of different tongues, and transfer knowledge and culture. The College of Humanities aims to provide its students with a rich intellectual, social, and cultural education. Please take the time to explore our website and learn more about what we offer.

Dr. Rimah Al Yahya

Dean, College of Humanities
Dr. Rimah Al Yahya | Dean, College of Humanities

CH Vision

The College of Humanities aspires to provide students with high-quality education in the humanities in order to enhance their cultural awareness and broaden their horizons.


The College of Humanities aims to provide students with quality educational opportunities to create long-life learners who explore and appreciate diversity of cultures and languages, think critically, and contribute to the good of humanity. The College of Humanities has a commitment to advancing research in the humanities and to serving the community.

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CH Advisory Board

The College Advisory Board is composed of accomplished academicians and community stakeholders, alumnae and practitioners, from various local institutions. Members’ diverse range of knowledge, skills and experience support the college in improving the quality of program offerings and assessing its effectiveness.

Members of the Advisory Board:

Name Position Employer
1 Dr. Rimah Al Yahya Vice - Rector of PSU, Women Campus.
Dean, College of Humanities.
2 Dr. Alia Mitchell Vice - Dean, College of Humanities. PSU

CH Administrative Flowchart

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