​​Academic Transcript of Records

  • The Academic Transcript of academic records is an inventory of the courses taken and grades earned by a student throughout his stay at Prince Sultan University, including the transferred credits from other schools;
  • The Academic Transcript of academic records is an official school record with school seal and signature of the Dean for Admissions and Registration;
  • The Academic Transcript of academic records maybe issued as requested, regardless of frequency and number of copies.

​​​Procedures for Requesting a Copy of an Official Transcript of Academic Records for Female Student​

  • Copies of the Academic Transcript of Records may be obtained through the following steps:
  • The academic Transcript of Records maybe requested at the Deanship of Admissions and Registration Office using a Transcript Request form;
  • Secure and fill out the transcript request form and proceed to the Student’s Accounting Office for verification of account balance;
  • If the student’s account cleared, then the student must submit the request form to the DAR for printing the Official Transcript of Academic Records;
  • After the official transcript has been printed, the official transcript will be forwarded to the Secretary for the signature and stamp from the vice rector of female campus​. Note: Without signature and PSU seal/stamp, the transcript is not valid. ​