Department of English and Translation Faculty

Dr. Hadeer Aboelnagah, Associate Professor, PFHEA UK

Dr. Hadeer Aboelnagah is the Director of The Translation & Authoring Center of the University. Aboelnagah is an Associate professor of English at the College of Humanities and a Principal fellow at the Higher Education Academy UK. She is an affiliated researcher and former faculty member at The University of Ottawa and Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. She also taught at the State University of New York, Cobleskill, NY, and Misr international University in Cairo. Abo El Nagah is an editorial board member at a number of international journals.

Dr. Saadia ElAmin, Associate Professor

Saadia Elamin, Associate Professor of Translation at Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is holder of the Doctorate of Science and Techniques of Translation (Arabic- English- French) from the Higher School for Interpreters and Translators (ESIT) of the Sorbonne, 1984. Since then, she has been teaching translation and interpreting at both undergraduate and Master’s levels in a number of universities in Sudan, Libya and Saudi Arabia. She participated with research papers in local, regional and international conferences, and has published articles in local, regional and international journals. Dr. Elamin is an editorial board member at a number of regional and international journals.

Dr. Mona Salem, Assistant Professor

Her fields of interest and contribution are in translation and linguistics. She obtained her Ph.D from the Department of English Language, Literature and Simultaneous Interpretation, College of Humanities, Al-Azhar University. She has extensive experience in teaching in regional and Arab universities. Dr. Salem designed syllabi and compiled textbooks for ESL for educational institutions as well as community service and continuous education bodies . She also served as a member of committees. Dr. Salem supervised and was a member of the examination board of a number of dissertations.

Dr. Orchida Fayez Ismail, Assistant Professor, SFHEA

Dr. Fayez is the Director of UL English Department and leader of Literary and Digital Studies in Humanities Research Group (LDSH). Being a senior fellow for Higher Education Academy (HEA-UK), she is a mentor at the Post Graduate Teaching Certificate where she delivers the Module: Instructional Digital Tools. Dr. Fayez’ SCOPUS publications are in digital humanities and the effects of digital transformations in Literature, Translation, and Education through exploring quantitative and qualitative dynamics of the Semantic Web.

Dr. Hala Emara, Assistant Professor

Dr. Emara is the Chairperson of the English and Translation Department, College of Humanities. As such, she has to maintain the level of competitiveness with comparable programs locally and regionally, and ensure application of best practices. She has lengthy academic experience in public and private universities. Her research interests lie in journalism and legal translation, Pre-University Education and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Ms. Adwaa Alyousef, M.A

Ms. Alyousef is a lecturer in the English and Translation Department, College of Humanities. She received an M.A. in TESL from California State University, Dominguez Hills, a CELTA certificate in teaching English from the British Council in Saudi Arabia, and a B.A. in English Translation from King Saud University. Ms. Alyousef has been an English lecturer since 2014; she joined Prince Sultan University in September 2017. Ms. Alyousef is currently teaching Intensive Writing 1 (ENG 101) and Information Resources (IR 101).

Ms. Rawan Chaaban, M.A

Ms. Chaaban is a lecturer in the English and Translation Department, College of Humanities. She obtained her master’s degree in Foreign Language Education from the University of Texas in 2004. She has been a lecturer of language skills, linguistics and translation courses since then at Prince Sultan University and King Saud University. She is currently the coordinator of the grammar courses in the college of Humanities. She has served in a number of committees in the college for several years.

Ms. Weaam Baashen, M.A

Ms. Baashen is a lecturer in the English and Translation Department, College of Humanities. She holds a BA certificate with a first class honour from Princess Noura University and an MA certificate in the field of 'Translating: Arabic-English' from Salford University, Manchester, UK. Ms. Baashen’s first years of academic experience were at Princess Noura University. Her interest is mostly in the area of ‘translator training and development’ and ‘CAT tools’.

Ms.Lamia Al Madi, M.A

Ms. Al Madi holds an MA in Theory and Practice of Translation from SOAS, University of London and a BA in Translation from Prince Sultan University. She joined PSU in 2015, and she is currently a lecturer in the English and Translation Department, College of Humanities. She has taught several courses such as English Grammar II(ELAN108), Information Resources(IR101), Technical Writing(ENG301), Intensive Writing(ENG101), and Analytic Reading and Writing(ELAN104). She is currently the (IR101) Course Group Supervisor.