Faculty for University Level Courses

Rimah Al-Yahya, PhD

Vice Rector, Women’s Campus

Acting Dean, College of Humanities

Dr. Rimah Al Yahya is a professor of English Literature. She has numerous publications on American and Comparative Literature with a focus on Immigrant Literature. Dr. Rimah was awarded the Educational Leadership Award in 2016 as well as being appointed the Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Women Development by the Multi-Purpose Inter Parliamentary Union under the umbrella of the United Nations. She is currently the Vice-Rector of Prince Sultan University Women’s Campus as well as the Acting Dean of the College of Humanities.

Shazia Khalid, MA

Lecturer and Course Group Supervisor

Office: A208

E-mail: skhalid@psu.edu.sa

Phone: 011-4948258

Ms. Shazia Khalid teaches Technical and Intensive English Writing Courses to students in the College of Engineering, Business and Computer Science. Being a Course Group Supervisor, she is responsible for course management and exam administration and is actively involved in community service initiatives. Her research interests are experiential learning, effective teaching and technology-based assessments. As an HEA-Fellow, her teaching philosophy includes empowering her students to think critically and make better academic decisions.

Maisoon Dorra, MA

Lecturer and Course Group Supervisor

Office: W216

E-mail: mdorra@psu.edu.sa

Phone: 011-4948254

Ms. Dorra holds an MA in Translation from the University of Jordan and a BA in Translation from Prince Sultan University. She is Course Group Supervisor for University level English Research Writing. She is a member of the English Language and Translation Students Affairs Committee, the Examination Committee, UL English Department Curriculum Review Committee and the Quality assurance and Accreditation Committee. Her research interests lie in analyzing cultural references in subtitled and dubbed films.

Sabrina Achouri, MA

Lecturer and Coordinator of CLC

Office: A212

E-mail: sachouri@psu.edu.sa

Phone: 011-4948257

Ms. Achouri is a lecturer at College of Humanities since 2008. As the European Language courses coordinator, she has extensive experience in teaching in national and international contexts. She has contributed to the establishment of the Community Language Center CLC and is coordinator of Intercultural Club. She is currently a Doctoral candidate at UBMA; her thesis focuses on the acquisition of verbal morphology by adult learners. Ms. Achouri’s research interests are Language Acquisition, language curriculum design and development and Teaching Methodology.