Department of English and Translation

Applied Linguistics is one of the major subfields of General Linguistics. It is basically concerned with the application of knowledge regarding the nature of languages as defined by linguistic research. Applied Linguistics deals with practical issues and challenges in which language is a central component particularly with respect to learning and teaching foreign languages.
The department of Linguistics is organized around different aspects of the field. The Applied Linguistics program after successfully being awarded full program accreditation for seven years from the NCAAA, and after undergoing revisions of its academic programs is currently offering a B.A. in Applied Linguistics in two different tracks. The two tracks are the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and the ELP (English Language for Professionals).
The Applied Linguistics Program graduates have a proven track record of being sought by employers and of succeeding in all employment sectors, i.e. schools, universities, EFL centers, private companies and many more. During their study the rigorous academic work and the academic support they receive from our excellent faculty members allow them to excel and succeed in any endeavor they engage in.