Department of English and Translation

Translation has always played a vital role in human communications throughout history. It was responsible for the development of many civilizations. For example, the material aspect of Islamic civilization flourished as a result of translation of scientific and medical works from Indian, Persian, Syrian and Greek cultures. The European Renaissance was not possible without extensive Arab and Islamic influence through translation of Arabic works in the various fields of knowledge, including philosophy, astronomy, medicine, and mathematics into Latin and other European languages.
In the modern age, with globalization and the explosion in the fields of Communications and Information, translation has become essential for speakers of different languages to communicate with each other. Due to the employment of speakers of foreign languages in public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia, there is a dire need for translators and interpreters to assist Saudis in their communications with these workers. Conferences, symposia, and visits by foreign delegations also require the services of translators and interpreters.